VirtualBox Desktop Sharing

Remotely access OS hosted on VirtualBox

We will show you how to access VirtualBox Guest as a Remote Desktop connection. For this tutorial we have used Ubuntu, but can use any OS to make this work.

Open VirtualBox and right lick on the VM created and then select settings.

Move to Display section and select Remote Display tab and enable server like below



Then move to Network section and select Bridge Adapter from the drop down menu


Goto  the VM guest OS and Search for Desktop Sharing and open it or in Terminal type “vino-preferences” yo open the preference window.


In this select options as show below


Now we need to find the guest IP address and for that you can give ifconfig command in terminal and get the IP address. In our case it is


Ok now we are good to go with Remote Desktop connection in Host Machine. Go to Host machine and open Remmina which is a Remote Desktop client and provide value similar like blow.


Now click on Connect option and you will be able to connect VM OS.

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