Displaylink Restart Service

Control Displaylink service

Displaylink host a service in your Ubuntu machine and you can control that service based on your need. I have shown you how to start/stop/restart service using below  commands

Stop Displylink service
systemctl stop dlm.service

Start Displylink service
systemctl start dlm.service

Restart Displylink service
systemctl restart dlm.service


Suspend or Resume Displaylink monitor

Displaylink controls Resume and Suspend Operation based on text appears on file /tmp/PmMessagesPort_in

For Suspend

Writing “S” to the file will make displaylink to Suspend mode
echo “S” > /tmp/PmMessagesPort_in

For Resume

Writing “R” to the file will make displaylink to Resume mode
echo “R” > /tmp/PmMessagesPort_in

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